This is a movement for real change and progress in our community. I am not waiting until I am in office to make a difference. I am already working with neighborhood leaders, organizers, non-profits, and city officials to propose policies, offer mutual aid, and improve services for neighbors in need.

Together, we can transform District 7!

The time is up for town halls and conversations that never lead to real change that we can see and touch in our community. We can make District 7 an example of how we can co-govern, solve problems together and putt the community first.

Fight for All Our Community

I will push for an end to city policies and ordinances that criminalize and target the most vulnerable in our community.

Expand Domestic Violence Services
Protect Immigrants
LGBTQ Equality
Housing for Homeless

Create A New Vision for Public Safety

Its time to expand the idea of safer communities to include more than hiring more police and deal with systemic problems in District 7.

Reduce Over Policing
Reallocation of funds to community services
De-prioritize Misdemeanor Arrests
Bail Reform

Expand  Opportunity for Working People

As poverty rates increase during the pandemic, I will keep the focus on economic security, food security, and critical health access.

Support $15 Minimum Wage
Protect Union Rights
End Discriminatory Bank Practices

Fight for Real Environmental Justice

I will work to make sure that our community no longer bears the burden of the City's bad environmental practices.

Stop Discriminatory Zoning
Support an Environmental Health Commission
Reduce Heavy Industry